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Tips for New Year’s Eve 2023 – Tipsy bhi Health bhi | GUILT FREE!

Well well, the year 2022 is finally coming to an end and as we know today is the last day of it. You would be all excited to welcome the New Year 2023 with new year’s eve celebrations. All set for the party?

Music, food, alcohol, FUN, and whatnot. It’s the day when you will be going berserk on everything getting wasted! Come on! At least the majority of you people will, keeping all the calorie counting and fitness aspects aside.

What if I tell you that GO AHEAD, and have a blast, without hurting too much of your health & fitness goals?

Here are some of my tips for having a memorable happy new year 2023 along with maintaining your health and body.


1) Hydration

Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - Stay HydratedI can never fail to emphasize this most important thing when it comes to your nutrition – HYDRATION.

Keeping the weight loss/weight gain/weight management aside, especially staying hydrated today would be a smart move for your health too.

You know that you gonna munch on all the junk foods loaded with salt and unhealthy fats tonight – without thinking much about calories, health, etc.

So you can’t compromise dehydrating yourself with that excessive sodium, unhealthy calories, beer, alcohol, etc.

HYDRATE yourself as soon as you wake up and keep sipping water throughout the day. Not sipping enough water can also cause bloating & water retention in your body.

**Bonus Tips:

  • Drink some extra water today than your normal intake.
  • Squeeze some lemon inside your water bottles or you can even consider adding 10-15ml of Apple Cider Vinegar in it.
  • You can sip on COCONUT WATER when you wake up, during your workout today, and even sometime before getting wasted. An amazing hydrant, all-natural, and loaded with electrolytes!!
  • You don’t necessarily need those fancy colored BCAAs between your workouts.


2) HIIT – High-Intensity Workout

Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - HIIT - Fitness HN

You gonna load on too many calories tonight (Calories IN), make sure you also expend them (Calories OUT) – Calories IN vs Calories OUT.

Remember the FITT principle? Intensity is the key focus.

Go for a high-intensity workout today which would help you to maximize the caloric-burn and guess what? In much lesser time.

The high-intensity workout would utilize all of your glycogen/carbs increasing your carbs storage capacity. You can load on more food this way (GLYCOGEN COMPENSATION).

The idea here is to utilize and burn more calories for the day so that you can load on more food this new year’s eve.

The Intensity of your workout can be increased in many ways such as decreasing the interset rest periods, increasing weights (GOING HEAVY), Increasing reps/sets, Increasing the TIME UNDER TENSION, etc.

Throw some CARDIO post-workout:

Add in some 15-30 minutes of steady-state cardio after your intense weight training session. If you’re not weight-training today, go for a 15-20minutes HIIT cardio followed by some 10-15minutes steady-state cardio.



Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - Have Citric Fruits - Fitness HN

Have Citric fruits like kiwi, strawberries, oranges, lime, etc. Also, consider adding up bananas. They are loaded with potassium and would avoid electrolyte imbalance.

Load on fruits and veggies which are high in water-content like watermelon, musk melons, cucumber, spinach, etc.

This would keep you away from bloating, dehydration, and water retention.

These are all nutritionally dense, and also contain fewer calories. (All the calorie quota left for new year’s eve you see;)

*Don’t Starve yourself for the whole day so that the cravings make you go crazy on food at new year’s eve tonight*


LOAD on PROTEIN-RICH starters:

Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - Load Protein Rich Starters - Fitness HN

Prefer having healthy starters like Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Fish, etc. over deep-fried oily snackers. Also, it would be a smart move to pair them up with your drink.


Add Salad and Veggies:

Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - Eat Salad and Veggies - Fitness HN

I know this would sound too boring for you tonight and you gonna attack all the junk food without thinking about calories and blah blah. But throwing some SALAD and VEGGIES along with them won’t harm.

You can consider having it with other foods and alcohol/your drink.


  • Do not drink empty stomach.
  • Eating healthy fats and protein/fiber-rich foods would slow the absorption of alcohol. Slow absorption of alcohol would give you a smooth high without making you tipsy soon.
  • Keep sipping water along with drinks/after every drink. You wouldn’t overeat and overdrink this way. Also, you would stay hydrated. – WIN-WIN SITUATION.


4) Sleep Well for the Next Day:

Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - Sleep Well for the Next Day - Fitness HN

CONGO!! you have partied hard now and celebrated your new year’s eve and finally, it’s time to have the first sound sleep of the year.

YOU need to recover well the next day and get back on track!!

Aim to get at least 7-10hrs of sleep. So sleep accordingly.


5) Back on Track (Bye to the Old Year):

Health Tips for New Year's Eve 2020 - Get Back on Track - Fitness HN

You’re done with the new year’s eve/night, you partied hard, and enjoyed, and now you need to buckle up things and get back on track!!

I hope you had a lovely first sleep of the year. Now get up, and RE-HYDRATE YOURSELF with some big glasses of water. Remember point no.1?– PROPER HYDRATION!!

Have a glass of orange/lime juice OR some milk with little water in it (as per your personal preference). Go for whichever makes you feel good.

Take a nice shower and ✓proceed with your daily regime and routine.



  • Try limiting your sugar intake on new year’s eve. Especially no sugar intake when your party has begun. This would save you from a bad hangover and dehydration the next day!!
  • Drink slowly along with healthy food choices.
  • Avoid mixers like cold drinks with your alcohol, Use soda/water/ or some diet coke if you really like having it with aerated drinks – AGAIN A SAVIOUR FROM A BAD HANGOVER.
  • LOTS OF WATER – Your best friend.
  • Get a good sleep for faster recovery.
  • Limit too much salty/deep-fried foods.
  • Also, limit your caffeine intake today and also on the next day.

Life should always be a balance of fitness & fun. Some special days and occasions are meant to be enjoyed, Go ahead while still maintaining and taking proper care of your health.

*DRINKING is injurious to health. Have it responsibly*

Hope my tips were helpful to you all.

With lots of love, I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023. Have a guilt-free celebration. Stay Safe❤

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