4 Bodybuilding Supplements You Should NOT BUY – MONEY SAVER!

As I stated in my previous article, You do not need each & every supplement from the shelf. They are a waste of money if your DIET isn’t on the mark.

Also, Selling Supplements is bread & butter for many companies out there!

There are bodybuilding supplements that work or which may not, but most of them definitely do the job of extracting money from your wallet.

So below I’m gonna mention 4 bodybuilding supplements that you do not need to buy and aren’t worth your money!


#4 Testosterone Boosters a.k.a Test Boosters:

Bodybuilding Supplements You Should Not Buy - Test Boosters

Test boosters are just a loaded pack of mixed and blended ayurvedic herbs.

They aren’t an alternative to the anabolic steroids or the body’s hormone – Testosterone.

Supplement companies even want you to believe that the so-called ‘test boosters’ will accelerate your natural testosterone levels providing you similar results to steroids – all naturally.

But the question is

Do they work? – Yes, but they only work in optimizing it

    • When your levels are below the normal range.
    • If you are a steroid user and you have messed up your natural testosterone levels by using external hormones.

Many studies have shown that they work no more besides bringing the levels up to the normal range if they are low, i.e. below the normal range.


Points you need to know:

  1. There is a limitation of your body naturally. No matter whatever herbs / jadi bootis you take, your body can’t go beyond that threshold level without the use of external synthetic testosterone.
  2. Test boosters won’t give you any of the nearby results of synthetic testosterone which many of the bodybuilders (who are on steroid cycles) directly inject.
  3. T-Boosters work more in “Boosting Libido & Sex Drive”.

In a nutshell, there is no point in wasting your money buying them.


  1. Get proper sleep and train heavy. Mainly focus on the compound movements like deadlifts, squats, and shoulder & bench presses. Nothing can beat good sleep & lifting being the best natural testosterone boosters.
  2. Increase healthy fats in your diet.
  3. You can consider buying those same ayurvedic herbs in isolation which comes out to be a very cheaper and wiser option. They definitely work spicing up your libido and SEXUAL GAME.


#3 BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids):

One of the most over-rated bodybuilding supplements in this billion-dollar supplement industry!

Yeah! the same colorful liquid which you see most people sipping inside your gym while working out! They taste as tempting as they look.

BCAA’s are basically 3 essential amino acids (which your body can’t produce on its own) named as

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine &
  • L-Valine.

Amongst all ‘leucine’ is the most responsible one for triggering muscle growth by increasing protein synthesis.

Do BCAA works? – YES, it definitely does. They are the essential amino acids for your body. But supplementing with BCAA additionally is not at all needed and WASTE OF MONEY!

Points you need to know:

  1. There are already enough amounts of amino acids present in the protein-rich foods (including vegetarian food sources) and whey protein that you consume.
  2. Even if you don’t supplement whey, you get enough of it from your high-protein diet. Focusing on your daily protein intake should be the ULTIMATE GOAL!
  3. If you are consuming even the minimum amounts of the recommended dosage of protein (0.8grams/KG of body weight) and fulfilling the protein needs- You don’t need to supplement BCAAs!


What can you do rather?

Invest that hard-earned money in an ALL-IN-ONE supplement which is WHEY PROTEIN that provides you with all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential ones. While a BCAA supplement just has 3 of them.

On top of that, WHEY comes out to be much more cost-effective.

SAVE that money and put that into buying more whey protein instead. You can just take 1 extra scoop of it if required.

Spending around 2k just for the taste and 3 amino acids which you already get enough of? The choice is yours.

You don’t necessarily need to sip on those INTRA-WORKOUTS while working out. PERIOD !!


#2 Glutamine:

Glutamine is a naturally occurring non-essential amino acid (your body can produce on its own) that becomes essential in certain conditions like injury, illness, or extremely stressful situations.

Interestingly it’s the most abundant amino acid found inside the human body.

Quickly cutting the chase – Is glutamine supplementation required?

Without any second thought, GLUTAMINE is essential for the body and the muscles, but just like BCAAs, supplementation of glutamine is unnecessary.

Also, studies showed that glutamine supplementation showed no significant effects on muscular performance & muscle mass.¹ ² You can even check out the recent meta-analysis study.³

Daily needs of it are easily met when one is consuming a high-protein balanced diet. Apart from fish, even milk, rice, grains, and lentils provide the highest amounts of it. Again, fulfilling your overall protein needs should be the GOAL!

It may contribute little to recovery and decreasing muscle soreness, but it lacks research. More research and pieces of evidence are required for getting a clear picture.

Final Word – “Glutamine is one of the bodybuilding supplements you should not consider buying unless you have lots of money to waste”.


#1 Mass Gainers:

Any wise person would straight away make out just by looking out the nutritional facts (label) of the gainers – shit loads of ingredients that don’t even matter.

GAINERS are nothing but a box of cheap calories & sugars along with a minimal amount of low-quality protein blended together!

They are just a blend of all these to provide you insane amount of cheap calories to make you gain weight.

But in reality, what you tend to gain is just fat & water weight.

You just end up getting fat with that bloated moon face and uncle belly just like that pot-ish beer belly.

The fancy packaging, branding, and marketing never fail to make you believe that you’ll be a jacked-up mass monster in no long time, but does that happens? Even you know the answer!

A product merely having a value of 300-500 rupees is sold to you at twice or thrice the price.

Your end goal should be gaining quality weight with a good amount of muscle, not just seeing the scale increasing due to a chunk of FAT!

Same cheap calories I can get by eating all the junk food and sipping some protein along with it. But obviously gaining fat over quality muscle won’t be my motive.


What can you do instead?

Go for a whey protein and just increase the consumption of your food/calories – SIMPLE enough! (can supplement it with CREATINE)

Oats, Bananas, Dates, Potatoes, Rice, Chapatis, etc. along with protein-rich food sources/whey protein and healthy fats like almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, etc.

Who needs that fat gainer when you have plenty amount of cleaner & high-quality calories? Makes sense?

Eat BIG to get BIG. FOOD is the unbeatable MASS GAINER!

I think the mentioned points and researches below are more than enough to KICK OFF these bodybuilding supplements and SAVE MONEY!



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