Myths Beer Belly Belly Fat

“You drink BEER? Naah! You shouldn’t have it, It makes you fat.”

“Beer causes ‘BEER BELLY’, Hard liquor is the way to go!”

Well, You must have often come across all of these statements thrown by people. What if I tell you that it is just another myth and disbelief?

Is it really the BEER that is the culprit for that pot-ish round belly? Why does beer get this bad rap? It’s time to put some light on one of the often-heard myths that ‘Beer’ causes ‘Beer Belly’.

BEER doesn’t cause BEER BELLY!

‘Beer belly’ is just a slang or a phrase used to describe the ‘pot-ish type belly’ but actually, it has nothing to with beer. It’s FAT.

That fat is known as the ‘visceral fat’ which is the fat that gets accumulated around vital internal organs. Your abdominal area is much more likely to develop that, as most of your vital organs are situated over there.

Where and how your body accumulates fat; whether the abdominal area, thighs, chest, etc., depends on genetics, gender, hormones, and the overall calories you consume.

The abdominal fat definitely makes you look pregnant, and usually, MEN are more likely to fall victim to it.

Practically BEER alone won’t give you the so-called BEER BELLY, it’s the overall calories and food you consume throughout your day which matters.

The Actual Cause of Beer Belly

You can’t single out and blame it all on the beer,

The actual cause is the “unhealthy lifestyle which includes a poor diet”.

Any kind of calories whether coming from overeating, excessive sugar intake, bad eating habits, junk foods can make you fat giving you that belly.

The Thumb Rule – “Excess calories consumed than the required number of calories by the body will always increase your weight i.e If you eat or drink more than you burn off, You’ll put on weight no matter what”.

Another major cause is that people generally prefer pairing beer or alcohol with all the junk & snackers rather than healthy food choices.

Also “Binge drinking” screws it up all!

One doesn’t stop at a single glass/pint of a beer and tends to go overboard one after another for that ‘tipsy high’-which is fairly less in beer as compared to hard spirits.

One can overindulge and chug many ounces of it to get that high which highly puts them at risk of consuming extra calories.

Myths - Beer belly is a mythGenerally, It’s always good to know how many calories a beer contains so you don’t go overboard on it.

1 Pint of a mild beer contains around 140 calories approx.

Obviously, If you throw down several beers at one sitting and munch on all the junk, no wonder you will overload on calories and gain weight.

People generally have a false belief that beer is a very high-calorie and high-carb beverage. In fact, a pint of beer has quite fewer carbs than any glass of fruit juice.

Undeniably ALCOHOL severely increases your appetite and one always tends to overeat along with the session or post consuming it. Alcohol itself contains plain calories that don’t provide you with any nutritional benefits (1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories).

Furthermore, it slows down your metabolism as your body starts using/burning alcohol first as the fuel source instead of glycogen, fats, or proteins.

As beer contains a negligible amount, a glass or a pint occasionally won’t harm.


Glass of a beerInstead of putting all the blame on beer, try following a good lifestyle with a healthy diet. The serving size of the food and drinks do matter when it comes to your weight.

Studies (1) (2) (3) (4) claim that the so-called “beer belly” is a myth and there is no scientific evidence to support that beer causes it.

Life should definitely be the balance of fitness and fun.

Feel like grabbing a beer?

Go ahead but have it responsibly. It’s all about having calories in moderation. Balance and Moderation are the keys, considering you’re following a decently healthy lifestyle.

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