Get Rid of Water Retention and Bloating! (#2 is a NATURAL HERB)

Water Retention & Bloating - Ways to combat it naturally

At times ever felt discomfort because of your bloated tummy? Ever wondered why are you looking softer and puffier than usual?

No one wants to look bloated and fluffier. Everyone needs that jawline and look photogenic these days.

Well, WATER RETENTION can be the major cause (a.k.a FLUID RETENTION). This is a condition when your body starts accumulating water subcutaneously i.e under the skin. It is the extra-cellular retained fluid. This definitely implies a negative impact on your overall physique.

Personally even I’m one of those struggling with water retention and bloating issues most of the times.

Here I’m gonna tell you my SIMPLE WAYS which can help you to get rid of all the WATER RETENTION and bloating.


#1 Drink lots of WATER & Stay Hydrated:

Water Retention & Bloating - Drink More Water to combat it

This may sound counter-productive, but this is how it works. Around 70% our body comprises of water.

The less water you drink, the more your body retains it up. Similarly vice versa, The more water you drink, the more it gets flushed along with the toxins, waste, and excessive sodium.

As survival is the first preference of the body, it starts retaining water to survive as a DEFENCE MECHANISM whenever it is water deprived. Also, too much sodium levels and a lot of other factors can be the cause of water retention.

Water plays an important role when it comes to hydration and digestion. You need to stay hydrated and keep drinking water to flush out that excessive salts/sodium which you have ingested.

Just to give you an example,

Even the Professionals & Bodybuilders up their water intake during their prep time/peak week and smartly cut it down when their contest day/photoshoot is coming. This way your body enters into the ‘flushing state’ and continue flushing all the fluids, along with the water which your body has retained.

This is done to get that conditioning and desired lean sharp look.Fluid Retention - Drink More and More Water to Combat it Though everyone has their own protocol and this is whole of a different topic, let’s not dive in deep into this.

Coming back to the topic,

You should stay well hydrated and target drinking around 3-5 liters of water per day which is completely safe to go with (except in rare cases if you have some medical issues). Getting rid of that undesired water weight will also help you to shed some pounds 🙂


#2 Dandelion Root (Taraxacum Officinale):

Dandelion Root to Combat Water Retention

Dandelion, an amazing herb, is a “Natural Diuretic” which gonna immensely help you to get rid of that excessive retained fluid.

Dandelion contains certain chemicals which increases your urination and decrease the swelling. It assists your kidneys in flushing more water along with toxins and excessive sodium. This will make you pee more and surely help to get rid of that fluid which your body has accumulated under the skin.

Dandelion leaf extract form works the best!

It is also available in TEA POWDER/TEA BAGS form. Sipping on DANDELION TEA can even be a convenient option for you all. It has several other health benefits and works as a great detoxifier too.


500mgs a day is a pretty good dose to go with.


Some other quick ways to combat WATER RETENTION :

  • Avoid Sugar & Refined Carbs.
  • Avoid eating crappy junk food, they are processed and way too high in sodium.
  • Eat Fruits & Vegetables which have high water content in them (Eg: Cucumber, Asparagus, Watermelon, Strawberries, Oranges etc.)
  • Reduce Your Salt Intake.
  • Reduce Your Carbs (Yes, CARBS do hold water). You can drop down your CARB INTAKE.
  • Consume Potassium and Magnesium rich foods.
  • Try supplementing with Vitamin C & B-Complex.
  • You can do CARDIO / Take a Steam-Sauna bath (the idea here is to release more and more sweat).



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