How to Maintain Weight after Losing it - Weight Management

How to Maintain Weight after Losing it – Weight Management

You have lost all of that excess weight, and now you gotta maintain weight for the rest of your life – Sounds challenging right? It is.

Maintaining weight loss for a lifetime is the real task!

90% of the people gain back of that lost weight – this is called the YO-YO effect. You know why?

Because they see diet as a short term fix rather than making it a lifestyle.

So How to Maintain Weight after Losing it?  – No, you don’t have to starve yourself. Neither you have to be on salads/fruits all day.

Rather you should have a balanced approach that is realistic and can follow lifelong to keep that weight off.


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Before sharing all of my secrets and tips regarding weight management, let me quickly share something with you guys.


What I Learned .. (In a Nutshell)

Lessons learned in the context of weight lossMe being genetically a fat person (an endomorph basically) struggled a lot with losing weight and maintaining weight loss after losing it.

Even many of the so-called fitness gurujis and enthusiasts told me to go via the ST*ROIDS route but rather I preferred going the dieting way.

I tried numerous fad-diets and quick fixes to become that ‘FAT to FIT’ person, but at the end of the day gained it all back getting to square one from where I started.

Then I was like is it me not doing things properly or it’s the diet screwing me up in regaining all of that weight?

But wait, I left the gym completely after achieving those results and reaching my mark.

I’m again enjoying chugging on those BEERS and JUNK FOODS and then expecting good things? It doesn’t go that way.

So how can I stay fit and how to maintain weight for lifelong? – this question again hit a nail on my mind.

I learned many things in this journey and it took a long way for me to realize that

It’s a LIFESTYLE and you definitely gotta ditch that temporary ‘diet mindset’ for achieving those short-term results. Make it a habit & stop seeing diet as a quick fix.

So now our topic is – How to maintain weight after losing it?

Here are 8 tips for you all for keeping that weight off and maintaining it lifelong.


1) Have a weighing scale at your home:

Have a weighing scale for weight management

  • You just got to have a weighing scale when it comes to keeping yourself maintained lifelong. It is a tool of big help to have a rough idea about your weight.
  • Weight isn’t linear and constant. You don’t wanna stress yourself by measuring it every now and then. It may keep on fluctuating a bit up and a bit down.
  • Consider checking it every morning after the poop, or even once a week is fine- Your personal choice.
  • Weight watching helps you to make manipulations with your food intake and daily activity levels being your best buddy in weight management.

It doesn’t matter which brand you use as long as it shows accurate readings. My only suggestion would be to go for a DIGITAL ONE.

I personally use “Healthsense Weighing Machine” which I ordered from Amazon long back, and still working fine assisting me. Lightweight, accurate & reliable, comes with a one-year warranty and serving my purpose. Here’s a bit cheaper deal for you.


2) Quality Sleep, Recovery, and Hormones:

Fitness HN - Quality Sleep, Hormones, and Recovery


I always say that hormones play a crucial role in our overall health & well-being. It’s not just about losing weight or gaining weight.

Bodily functions revolve around hormones. Your hormones need be optimized and there’s nothing most natural aid for doing that “except getting a good sleep” daily.

  • You will recover well, physically, and mentally.
  • It will keep your stress hormone (CORTISOL) down-regulated and avoid giving you bloating and water retention which is a.k.a ‘Stress-Induced Water Retention’.
  • Also, optimizes your hunger-hormones which messes it up all by giving you food cravings whenever you are sleep deprived – and guess what? you end up eating like a pig.
  • Testosterone (The King Of Male Hormone) and Growth Hormone will be skyrocketed which will assist you big time in keeping that weight off.


3) Know about CALORIES:

Know about Calories for Maintaining Weight Lifelong

We have all studied during our school days that calories are the unit of ENERGY and we all need a certain amount of calories to function. But how much do we need it?

The amount of calories needed depends on various factors like age, body weight, height, activity levels, gender, etc.

Everyone has different needs and the “one size fits all approach doesn’t work”.

You just gotta be clear with the basics so that at least you have a rough idea of how much you are consuming daily. Yes, you can follow this flexible approach instead of counting each & every calorie and following strict quantified-nutrition.

  • For Losing or Maintaining Weight lifelong – it still boils down to Calories IN vs Calories OUT (How much you consumed vs how much you burnt).
  • Per gram of Fat has 9 Calories while Carbs & Protein have 4.
  • You don’t want to consume beyond your maintenance calories i.e (TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure). You will find out your daily maintenance calories by some hit & trials.
  • Consumed more calories on someday? Increase the activity levels for that day. Much less physical activity on someday? Decrease your calories consumption for that day – SIMPLE and flexible enough.
  • Make a habit of checking the Nutrition Label (facts) of the food items so that at least you have a rough idea of your calorie consumption.

4) Avoid Sugar & Junk Foods:

Avoid sugar

No junk foods if you want to maintain weight

A glass of COLA may have the same amount of calories as of some fruit, but which is healthier and providing your more nutrients? – YOU ALL KNOW the answer!

If you are one of those who struggle hard to lose weight or now maintaining it by keeping it off – excessive SUGAR consumption can be the biggest culprit, promoting fat storage and providing you unnecessary calories.

Neither Processed/Junk foods and those bad trans fats would do any good if you are looking for weight management and staying healthy lifelong.

  • Too much Sugar can create inflammation in your body, especially when your water intake is not high enough.
  • It can cause Water Retention, Bloating, Dehydration making you appear fatter than actually you’re.
  • Yes, NO SUGAR loaded COFFEES and TEAS if you are a caffeine lover person like me. You can use a 5-gram scoop for adding some in your tea/coffee instead of using those big 10-15 grams spoon. Cutting out as much sugar and junk foods as possible should be the way to go.
  • If you’re into strict dieting, you can have a CHEAT MEAL 

once a week at the end of your day and REWARD YOURSELF. Get back on your track and routine the next day when you have enjoyed that earned cheat meal of the week.

  • Being flexible with your diet is the most sustainable way for Flexible Dieting Lifestyle - Fitness HNweight management and adhering to a healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy foods that are rich in nutrients should be your preference. Simultaneously life shouldn’t be boring enough, instead, your approach should be a sustainable one that you can stick for the long term. Moderation & Balance is the key.


5) Keep your METABOLISM high:

Exercise boosts metabolism

  • Keep yourself physically active every time. Exercising – in any form can be the best way to keep your metabolism fired up throughout the day.
  • Consume the nutrient ‘PROTEIN’  – Body burns the maximum number of calories in breaking down and digesting protein (Thermic Effect of the Food). Also, the protein will help in the growth & maintenance of your body and make you feel much fuller.
  • Add natural stimulants and spices like black coffee, green tea, red & black pepper, cinnamon, etc. in your diet.

Personally, I would emphasize more on high-intensity workouts and focus more on big body parts like LEGS and BACK. This would burn more calories & keep the metabolism fired up for prolonged hours even when the workout is done.

  • Add HIIT cardio and compounds movements like SQUATS, DEADLIFTS, BENCH PRESS, BARBELL ROWING in your workouts.
  • Do walking for at least 15-30 minutes every day. American College of Sports & Medicines recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week for maintaining weight.


6) Add Fibers:

Eat more fiber to your diet

The majority of the people miss out on this important nutrient and have less enough than the recommended intake of it.

Fibers can be your best friend when it comes to managing that weight.

Besides keeping your blood glucose levels stable, it keeps you satiated and fuller for the day working as one of the best natural appetite suppressants.

Every meal of yours should contain a bunch of green veggies like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, etc. Yes, start having lots of salads with your meals.

Fiber also work amazingly being a ‘natural laxative’ softening your stool movements (Now you know the hack for a clear stomach too:).


7) Limit Alcohol:

Being an alcoholic and managing weight & health doesn’t go hand in hand.

It will literally increase your food cravings and you will end up breaking all the discipline and routine you are following. Slows down the metabolism and inhibit the recovery process.

Along with increasing your appetite, it may even spike up your SWEET CRAVINGS which can result in a major setback.

(For knowing little more about alcohol and weight loss – You can refer to point no.8 of this article)

Just cut down on your alcohol as much as possible and MIXERS like cold drinks in it is a BIG NO NO!! The same applies to those oily chips and snackers with it.

Umm, Let me make a confession –

I myself used to have a pint of a mild beer on the weekends so that I can eat all of those ounces of chicken steaks. It worked as an appetizer for me. But no excuses – always went back to the routine from the next day onwards.

I still follow the same strategy whenever I sip it occasionally and just make sure I’m consuming lot of protein along with it. Yes, for maintenance as well you gotta make the efforts my friend.

“Adding up little fun in your diet won’t harm if you know how to make a smart and a balanced approach” – Hardeep Narula.


#8) BONUS POINT – Supplements I Use for Weight Management:

  1. Dymatize Elite Whey Protein (Chocolate Fudge)
  2. Nescafe Classic ( Caffeine)
  3. Pure Ceylon Cinnamon
  4. Sat Isapgol (Psyllium Husk – Fibre)



Fitness is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Don’t follow an unrealistic approach and consider dieting as a quick fix for short term results.

Calories you Consume & Expend, Your Hormones, Your Choices, and Your Lifestyle – they all matter.

Make it a lifestyle instead of being a chronic dieter for short terms for maintaining and managing your weight for the rest of your life. It’s all about LONGEVITY and a correct balance.

You gotta hit and trial up things to see what works best for you mentally as well physically.



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