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Goal without a plan is just a wish

In my last article about the SAID Principle, I told you about how your goals should be specific enough to achieve your target at the gym.

So now you know the importance of having ‘specific goals’ at the gym.

But what if I tell you about a GOAL SETTING STRATEGY which can 100% help you in achieving goals not only at the gym but in any prospects of life?

Your ultimate goal could be anything.

It might be to get rich, become your own boss, get a promotion, or maybe buying a house in the next 5 years.


How to achieve a target? How to set goals and achieve them? How do you plan to achieve these goals?

The Answer is →”Have SMART Goals.

By SMART, I mean using a wiser approach right? Yes, but not really.

Check out the things you need to know to create a complete plan to set goals and achieve them.

SMART Goals – Goal Setting Strategy!

Fitness HN - SMART Goals - Goal Setting StrategyS – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R  – Relevant

T  – Time-bound



Be very specific about your goals. Have a CLEAR VISION of what you need to achieve.

Ask yourself: What I want to achieve? Till When? how and Why? Which obstacles would come in my way?

If you have a clear vision, you know where you need to put all your efforts in. This also makes it easier for you to stick to your plan and prioritize things.

Stop wasting time on the things which are not your priority & do not contribute towards your goal.

Break your MAJOR GOAL (Long-term) into smaller chunks (short term ones).

This way slowly and steadily achieving your short term goals, you will surely proceed towards your final destination i.e MAJOR LONG TERM GOAL.



Fitness HN - Have Measurable Goals & Track Your Progress

How would you know how far you’ve reached if your goal isn’t measurable?

Have GOALS which are easily trackable. This way you can easily evaluate your progress.

For example:

“I want to lose 5kgs weight in 2 months”. -> This is specific and measurable too. I can track my progress by keeping a check on my weight and know where I’m heading towards.

So, have quantifiable goals.


Ask yourself:

Fitness HN - Goal Setting - You've Got to be RealisticIs my goal realistic and attainable within a specific period of time? Is it within my scope and possible for me to achieve?

An achievable goal would encourage you to keep going, and sticking to the process matters!

Take risks. Challenges are part of the game. Along being challenging, your goals must be practical.

If they are too easy to achieve, They won’t spark up and motivate you.

I firmly believe that,

“Limits exist in mind and a strong mindset is everything. Any realistic goal can be achieved if you believe yourself and do proper planning (provided you’re persistently taking actions)”.

But everyone is different and so are their positive attributes.

My self-belief, motivation level, and self-efficacy might differ from yours.

So it’s only YOU who personally know where you stand, and what you’re capable of.

Stop living in those fairy tales and keep your goals realistic, practical, and which are attainable as per you.

Make sure you have all the resources to attain the goal.


As I always say, Individual differences would always be there.

Fitness HN - Have Relevant Goals

Keep a goal that is relevant to you, your interests, and your abilities. Focus on the things which are relevant and related to your goals.

You’re the captain of your own ship. Having a direction is very important.

Only if the captain knows where he’s heading towards, then only he’ll make the ship reach its desired place within the time-frame.

Keeping your focus only on the things contributing towards your goal would save you precious time & efforts. You won’t go off-track this way.

Lost time cannot be bought back, so better utilize the one which you’ve presently.


Until when you want the goal to be achieved? Make a proper schedule and set a date & a deadline!!

Fitness HN - How to Achieve Goals - Set a Deadline & Have Time Bound Goals

Keeping a deadline will KICK START your process compelling you to take action.

Humans are wired in such a way that we often procrastinate and don’t do things until we feel the sense of urgency hammering our heads!

We all love being in the comfort zone. But even you know, good things don’t come in the comfort zone.

We gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable to achieve something.

There are chances that the urgency might make you achieve your goal before time if you keep a deadline hitting the nail on your head.

If you keep a deadline, there are chances that the urgency might keep hitting the nail on your head as a reminder, and you might achieve your goals before time.

Setting goals that are bounded to time & date will also create discipline within you.

Quick Tips for How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

  • Set SMART Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bounded. Arnold Schwarzenegger - CONQUER
  • It’s a PROCESS – Have a PLAN and set a schedule. Not having a schedule will cause set-backs eventually leading to quitting the process.
  • Think out of the box.
  • Ignore the naysayers. Believe yourself & have a stubborn mindset. You can do it & you will.
  • Stay motivated and keep taking all the extrinsically motivated.
  • Minimize or eliminate all the unwanted stuff where most of your time is being wasted.
  • Take persistent actions. It’s today’s YOU v/s yesterday’s YOU. Focus on being better than yesterday.
  • People (including your parents if you’re still dependent) believe in results, not on your imaginary vision. Rather than telling them your plan show them the RESULTS!!
  • Fewer talks, more work. Let the success speak on your behalf.

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