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Customized Diet Plan
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1 Month
  • One Month Customized Diet Plan - would be flexible & tailored as per your body type, goal, lifestyle, food preferences, and medical conditions - if any ✔
  • 2 Follow Ups & Consultation - Check-In after 14 days ✔
  • Supplementation Guidance ✔
  • Best Amazon Deals & Recommendations ✔
  • Diet Changes ✘
  • Customized Training Plan & Workout Assistance ✘
  • 1-on-1 Personalized Online Coaching via WhatsApp - I'll be 24/7 in touch with you and mentor you throughout the journey ✘


21 Golden Rules of Fat Loss - Fitness HN

21 Golden Rules of Fat Loss

The Only "21 Golden Rules of Fat Loss" You Need to Know to Get Slim & Trim. Without these Golden Hacks (Actionable), You Would Never Lose Weight and Be in Better Shape.

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Hardeep Narula is an Internationally Certified “Fitness Nutrition Coach and Sports Nutrition Specialist” (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association – United States).

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