What is Fitness HN?

Educate | Grow | Empower 

Fitness HN is a Fitness, Health, and Nutrition BLOG for all “Fitness Enthusiasts”. It is a medium/an initiative to share knowledge with each and every fitness enthusiast out there, making their lives better than yesterday.

Fitness HN is also a platform that provides online coaching and customized diet plans.


Vision & Purpose?


I, as the founder/author of this blog, believe that “KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE, It should always be applied and shared”. You don’t need any special degree to do that, as long as you are spreading the correct one.

Also, there are very few fitness blogs in India spreading fitness-related awareness in a simplified way as compared to YouTube-ers and Vlogs.

So Vision & Purpose of Fitness HN “is to spread fitness awareness, help and educate maximum no. of people in INDIA”.

Just for business/profit sakes, YOUNGSTERS and the new people entering into fitness are often manipulated by wrong & unreliable information. They are often misinformed and don’t have exposure to the correct knowledge. Undeniably, fitness literacy in India is fairly less as compared to other first world countries.

Fitness HN is just an initiative for them. My goal is not just limited to a certain number of people, but to reach out every INDIAN out there and being helpful to them in some way”.

“Fitness is not just about having a good body. It’s a synergy of mental, physical and internal health. A fit person may not be necessarily ripped & chiselled and a ripped muscular person may not necessarily be fit”


Who handles this BLOG?


The blog is designed and managed by “Hardeep Narula” i.e myself only. There is no additional team or a set of people working for Fitness HN.

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