Potatoes Doesn’t Make You Fat | Top 5 Health Benefits of Potatoes

Client: Can you please include potatoes in my diet? Me: Sure, why not!

Client: But potatoes make you fat right? That will stop my fat loss:( Me: No, It won’t !!

So you read the above lines. Do you even have the same belief for potatoes? Then this article goes out to you.

Well, you’re not the only one believing this and there are thousands of such myths circulated over the internet. People just tend to make beliefs based on bro-science without researching themselves.

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Also, many of the gym-trainers/nutritionists recommend ditching out white potatoes for losing weight.

No wonder many of us love rice and potatoes, and they’re the top staple foods especially in our Indian diets!

Let us first check the nutrition profile of a potato.





Around 2.5g






6mg 421mg


You heard that right, 100g of Potatoes almost contain Zero Fat, Zero Cholesterol, and just 6mgs of Sodium.
Also, you’ve been hearing that potatoes are just carbohydrates which is untrue. As you can see, 100g of it just contains around 18% carbs (including fiber) and 2% protein with negligible fats. So what about the rest of the 80% ??
Water – 80% of the potatoes are water which is an interesting fact!

Still not convinced??

Let’s check out a research study conducted in the American College of Nutrition in 2014 in which 90 overweight men and women were divided into 3 groups.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Reduced calorie intake and ate high glycemic index foods.


Reduced calorie intake and ate low GI foods.

Ate everything without any calorie/GI restrictions.

All the 3 groups were given potatoes to eat for 12 weeks and guess what?

There were no changes in the weight and body composition in all three groups. Potatoes did not cause weight gain, In fact, modest weight loss was seen in all groups including the 3rd one which ate all.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Potatoes

1. ✔ Potatoes are one of the most abundant sources of Potassium, Vitamin C, and B6. Yes, it has more potassium than a banana and around 45% of Vit C which fulfills almost half of the daily optimum value.

2. ✔ Rich in fibers which makes it a satiating food making you feel fuller. In fact, Potatoes can help you during weight management.

3. ✔ Vit B6 and Potassium – these 2 vital minerals in potatoes can help you to get rid of the water retention.

4. ✔ Complex Carbohydrates, an excellent source of energy, and one of the top energy providing vegetables. This can also be great fuel for your brain & muscles post-workout along with a protein shake.

5. ✔ Contains large amounts of resistant starch (which is an insoluble fiber) that feed friendly bacterias in your gut and improves digestive health. Resistant starch has also been proven to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

 So What Makes You Fat? How to Add them to Your Diet?

Eating french fries & potato chips and then blaming potatoes for your weight gain?

It’s not the potatoes but the consumption of excess calories which makes you fat.

Neither that sabji of those deep-fried aloos would do more good to you.

Potatoes if cooked in a healthy way does not lead to weight gain. Deep frying it and pairing it with other unnecessary calories can be the culprit.

Going for the baked/boiled ones or cooking them in minimum oil would be the best and healthy way to have them.


Potatoes contain mostly water and also resistant starch (insoluble fiber) which can be good for your digestive health. It has almost zero fat, cholesterol, and sodium in it.

Potatoes do not lead to weight gain if cooked in a healthy manner. It’s the consumption of excess calories that make you fat.

Say goodbye to those deep-fried chips and fries, and rather opt for the baked and boiled ones.

Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscles, potatoes can definitely be incorporated into your diet!

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