You’re scrolling your Instagram feed and all you find are ripped-chiseled guys flaunting their ABS. They’re huge, muscular to the bone, and those vascular veins are popping out all over their arms.

I know you admire them and somehow want to look like that.

“But it’s all STEROIDS, and if I take it even I can be like them. One steroid cycle along with some dieting & hard work and BOOM – I’m there, right”? – WRONG!!


Steroids Won’t Make You a Bodybuilder

“A Maruti won’t support an engine of a Ferrari. Even if it does and performs much better than earlier, but it won’t turn a Maruti into a Ferrari”.

Firstly ask yourself, What is your GOAL? You need to have a specific goal and train as per that.

If it’s to become a professional bodybuilder and huge-ripped mass monster it won’t be possible naturally – I agree.

Steroids in bodybuilding do play a crucial role when it comes to building and crafting that level of the monstrous physique. But using anabolic steroids certainly doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get there.

If drugs & anabolics were the only factors involved, people would have kept growing on and on. Every Indian, or in fact any Tom and Harry would have been standing on the Mr. Olympia stage. Moreover, any pro-bodybuilder would have easily become the undisputed “Mr.O”.

Back during those old-school days, there were no “growth hormones and many steroid compounds” but still, the legends like Arnold Swarzenegger, Frank Zane, Tom Platz, and Franco Columbo were huge, muscular, and aesthetic with a narrow waist. Irrespective of the hard work, even today very few look like them.

You know why? What is the underlying factor that separates a top-notch professional bodybuilder from the others?

Genetics a.k.a Genes

Genetics is the underlying factor that decides your final look no matter how much hard work and gear you put in.

Every individual is born with different genes and has different genetic potential. Genetic limitations decide how much muscle a person can gain in his entire life.

Some of your body parts are better than the others while some are weaker. We all have different body structures and muscle shapes.

2 guys having the same training experience, same body type, being on 500mgs of testosterone/week would still have different results. – “Individual differences” which I always say would exist. One might respond better than the other chap with only 250mgs than the one being on 500mgs.

The fact of the matter is,

“You cannot go beyond your Genetic Potential a.k.a GENES which you’re born with. Neither you can buy superior genetics in any f*cking vial or an ampoule”.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t work hard to get there?

Yes, Performance-Enhancing Drugs and anabolics would accelerate the process and get you there quickly. But you can’t cheat the grind. You can’t cheat the AM-PM workouts. You can’t cheat the dedication & work-ethics.

Jumping directly on the anabolics and just relying upon them is the dumbest choice ever one can make.

How would you discover your genetic potential if you don’t put all of your hard work? Whether bad or exceptional genetics, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not pushing yourself to the maximum.

In Bodybuilding, Hard work + Good Genetics = Recipe of Success!



✓ 1) Any ‘So-Called Gym Guruji’ is telling to make you a top-notch bodybuilder after running one or two steroids cycles – DITCH THAT TRAINER. He’s just fooling you. Nothing is guaranteed!

✓ 2) Steroids are not the complete picture but just a part of the game. There are many variables like hard work, age, hormones, environmental & lifestyle factors, nutrition, training experience, sleep & recovery, and most importantly  YOUR GENETICS.

✓ 3) Genetics is the underlying factor that will decide how much muscle you’ll gain, be it naturally or with gear.

✓ 4) Genes or gear shouldn’t be an excuse to underwork and not give your 100% efforts whether be it in dieting, training, or recovery.

✓ 5) You’ll need to hard your ass off for some years to explore your genetic potential.

✓ 6) Gear should always be your last resort after training naturally for certain years – only if required.

✓ 7) Steroids might help you reach that genetic ceiling sooner, but it won’t re-engineer your genes (might be in the future with genetic and DNA engineering).

This isn’t a debate of Hardwork v/s Genetics. But “Genetics” is the most significant variable in bodybuilding that decides how much muscle you’ll grow and finally end up looking like. Steroids won’t make you a Bodybuilder. PERIOD!!

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Hardeep Narula

Hardeep Narula is An Internationally Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, Founder, Blogger, and A Content Writer