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I have seen people trying multiple methods for weight loss.

“Lemon in lukewarm water empty stomach in the morning”

“Honey in lukewarm water” etc.

Out of which even ‘CINNAMON for weight loss’ is been widely used by many. It is popularly known as ‘Dalchini’ in India. But does CINNAMON for weight loss works?

First, let me give you a quick overview of the health benefits of cinnamon and tips to use it during your fat loss process.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Weight Loss:

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Cinnamon (Dalchini) has numerous and incredible health benefits. But as we are discussing in the context of losing weight particularly, let me tell you some wonderful benefits of cinnamon for weight loss and how it can help you.

  1. Cinnamon is a natural blood sugar regulator. It has a tremendous response to your insulin levels (blood sugar).
  2. Being a blood sugar regulator, it helps to keep your insulin levels stable and balanced throughout the day.
  3. Increases your INSULIN SENSITIVITY – which plays a major role when it comes to fat loss and a healthier you.
  4. Cinnamon also helps your body to utilize carbohydrates more efficiently.
  5. Cinnamon is an amazing natural thermogenic. It increases your body temperature and fires up the metabolism which will assist your fat loss process.
  6. It lowers your CHOLESTEROL levels.
  7. Especially a wonder spice for the diabetics and the ones dealing with crashed energy levels. For the diabetics already on medications, I would recommend consulting your doctor first before using this.

Tips to use Cinnamon:

Cinnamon Tea - Cinnamon For Weight Loss

  • You can sprinkle up cinnamon in your daily meals (oats, protein shakes. fruits, etc.). TEA/COFFEE as well if you are a Caffeine lover:)
  • Replace it with all the sugars you use. Instead, incorporate using this amazing spice.
  • Consider sipping a glass of water with cinnamon before you have your meals. Also, EMPTY STOMACH when you wake up.
  • Like me, if you are one of those who sip tea/coffee before dozing off, you should definitely consider adding up dalchini in it.


NOTE & A BONUS TIP: 1) Make sure you don’t overuse it as it can create heat in your body.

2) Too much of it can also be liver toxic. Go for ‘Ceylon Cinnamon’ – it has less of liver toxic substance comparatively.

3) Have at least 4-5 liters of water a day. Regardless, your WATER INTAKE should always be high. High water intake will help in combating the heat and water retention.

How much of it is ideal (dosage) – 1 to 5 grams/day is a safe dose to go with.


My Final Thoughts:

Cinnamon is a brilliant natural spice linked to numerous health benefits.

But when your goal is fat loss, undeniably total calorie intake (energy balance) should be your concern.

Don’t expect anything much alone to do wonders for you without following a calorie deficit diet. No matter whatever you take, if you ain’t consuming a diet which is deficit in calories – YOU WON’T LOSE WEIGHT.

To conclude, Cinnamon can definitely provide you hormonal benefits. By increasing your BMR and TEF, It can give you an edge on top of a hypo-calorie diet during fat loss.

No food in isolation is responsible for fat loss. It’s about the overall calories you consume and burn in a day – Calories IN vs Calories OUT.

Have you ever used cinnamon in your meals/beverages? Comment down below with a YES or NO.

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