Quick Tips to Prevent Muscle Loss during CORONA lockdown!

Quick Tips to Prevent Muscle Loss & Maintain Weight during this Corona LOCKDOWN!

The year 2020 doesn’t seem to have a great start.

Currently, the world is suffering from a pandemic called the “CORONA VIRUS” a.k.a COVID-19. As you know that many countries have incurred huge losses with increasing cases and deaths.

Along with many countries, INDIA is also under lockdown for safety reasons and everything is on a stand-still. Sadly, many have lost their jobs and many of them are working from home.

But the biggest thing haunting fitness enthusiasts seem to be the closure of gyms. This has also mentally hit them. I got a lot of questions and consultation requests about “How to Prevent Muscle Loss and Preserve Muscle Gains” without the gym.

Is the thought of losing all your hard-earned muscles being a nightmare for you too? Or maybe you’re afraid of gaining weight just by sitting at home?

#NoGymNoProblem – I’m here with a QUICK-FREE solution and tips for you guys. Without wasting further time, let me be clear and cut to the chase!


“Calories” dictate whether you will lose, gain, or maintain weight. Currently, your CALORIES OUT i.e Calorie-expenditure is less as you aren’t working out.

By eating around maintenance you’re making sure that you ain’t gaining fat during this quarantine period.


Remember the golden rule – “Use it OR Lose it”. 

Make sure you’re providing some sort of stimulus to your muscles by working out at home with bodyweight exercises, dumbells, or resistance bands.

Don’t annihilate your muscles, You just need to keep stimulating them. If you aren’t providing them any stress or stimulus, you’re not giving them any reason to stay.

Intensity & Progressive Overload is the key.

*Full body circuit EOD or Upper body circuit on one day and lower body circuit the next day*

Check out “Home-based High-Intensity Cardio Exercises” which can help you burn maximum calories! (Yes, NO EQUIPMENT needed).

SAID Principle – Maximize your Training Output!



LEG WORKOUTS will keep a positive and anabolic environment in your body which will be a blessing during this lockdown. They would also burn more calories.

You can perform Squats, One-leg lunges, Jump squats, Standing-calf raises, etc. Use a combination of both – bodyweight exercises as well as weighted dumbbell exercises.

Go with bodyweight exercises followed by the weighted ones.



As you know, nutrition & training always go hand in hand which eventually decides whether you lose, gain, or maintain weight.

Eat a balanced diet. Protein is a building block of muscle. Protein is ANABOLIC.

It not only helps to build muscles but also to prevent muscle loss and preserve muscle mass.

Yes, you can continue using your protein shakes the same way to fulfill your protein requirements of the body. At least try consuming 1gram/Kg of your body weight. Advanced Gym-Goers / Athletes can go up to 2grams / Kg.



Many also ask me “How to Increase the Protein Synthesis”?

  1. The most basic hack for increasing protein synthesis is “decreasing your protein breakdown”.
  2. The more you spare your protein, the more the body utilizes and makes the most of it.
  3. Don’t get dishearted even if you lose negligible pounds of muscle. MUSCLE MEMORY works and it’ll kick in as soon as you start again.
  4. Such inevitable circumstances like injuries, health-related issues, natural calamities, etc. are part of life.
  5. No worries. You’re a WARRIOR, not a WORRIER. COME BACK STRONGER!!

 Quick Tips to Prevent Muscle Loss and Maintain Weight during this CORONA lockdown!

Sharing is Caring, Share as much as you can, and let it reach every fitness enthusiast out there!

Also, you can drop me a mail on [email protected] if you’re looking out for customized diet plans and one-on-one online coaching & mentoring to achieve your goals.



#Corona has become the biggest business market now! Millions are being invested in researches and studies. It’s a big fish for the pharmaceutical industry too. The share market has taken a hit!

Or maybe it’s a conspiracy, who knows?

Just like HIV and Ebola, it’s a virus that doesn’t have a cure yet! Though it’s much more contagious, but very less dangerous than the two and has a low mortality rate.

The only thing which can keep this pandemic away from catching you is “Having a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM”. It’s a process and immunity can’t be built in a day or two.

Eating healthy and working out is much more beyond a good physique.
Hopefully, people have started realizing the importance of eating a healthy diet & its role in building immunity now.

I’m not a doctor or any scientist and the only thing I can wish for is SAFETY of you all.

All I can say is that just do not panic, and follow the guidelines given by the W.H.O and the respected prime minister.

✓Stay safe and stay at home.

✓Maintain hygiene. Use sanitizers and proper sanitation.

✓Stay hydrated.

✓Eat healthy foods (especially citric-fruits and veggies).

✓Keep your Immunity at check.

All that I personally feel is, “Give time some time, everything will be normal very soon and this hard time will fade away”. Let’s not lose hope and stay strong.

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