Visualization Technique | What you think you become!!

“Mindset is everything. What you think you become” – Gautam Buddha.

Whether you’re scrolling your Instagram feed or looking up over the internet for some motivation, you might have surely come across many such motivational quotes.

They must have surely given you that boost to keep going and push more in life.

But that external motivation won’t last long if you aren’t internally motivated.

Chances are that you might get initially motivated for a while, or maybe for some days or months, but you won’t take any consistent actions if you don’t have that “self-efficacy” within you.

A correct mindset and self-belief can make you achieve any goals in life, irrespective of the field. After reading about this visualization technique which I’m gonna tell you in a while, I bet you won’t be needing to find those extrinsic motivational factors. In fact, motivation would find you!!

Firstly let’s see,


What is Motivation?

By definition, “Motivation is any force that drives you to achieve an objective or a goal”.

Now that force can be either from external sources, or there might be an internal drive or factors which are inducing you to take action.

Fitness HN - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation


Extrinsic Motivation:

Any kind of external source, or reward, which is driving you to make a change or take action is called ‘Extrinsic Motivation’.

Fitness HN - Intrinsic Motivation

What these companies give you as the incentive to complete a “TARGET” at your workplace is nothing but an external reward offered to you so that you get the work done in the given time frame for getting that reward.


  1. “I would be getting married next year, I anyhow gotta lose some weight for it”.
  2. “If you do 5 sales in this month, you would get a laptop as a gift” – Here the laptop gift is an extrinsic source of motivation which is triggering you to meet the desired target.


Intrinsic Motivation:

A personal interest, enjoyment, and love, to do that thing even without the hopes of external sources of motivation is called ‘Intrinsic Motivation’. You’re passionate and internally desiring to make a change/take action.


Fitness HN - Extrinsic Motivation

  1. “I need to maintain myself and stay fit as it’s a lifestyle which I love it”.
  2. “I would still perform my best without any hopes of external rewards because I do what I love doing and I love what I do”. – Here you love your job and aren’t working at the weekends. There is a flaming desire within you making you give your best shot!

What difference did you find between the both? Which one would keep you going in the long term?  Which one would separate a DO-er/An Achiever from a thinker? You know it!

One might just focus on materialism and the other might focus on what makes you happy and blissful within.

“Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation” is itself a very vast topic and I can keep on speaking on this thing. I would make a different article on this if you guys want me to.

While both of the motivations are important for you, I’m gonna tell you about the second one which is the game-changer. The visualization technique is completely based upon this critical factor (staying intrinsically motivated) which will tune up your mindset completely to accomplish any GOAL in life.


Law of Attraction – What you think you become

Fitness HN - Quotes from Secret Book

Well before I just directly jump into the visualization technique, let me briefly tell you about the law of attraction which the universe works upon.

Many successful/big personalities use this, knowingly or unknowingly.

“Law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring in positive or negative experiences into a person’s life”.

Everything in this universe is ENERGY. Even the E-MOTIONS are ENERGY – with the motions. Also, energy is an energy that we all interpret differently.

So the law of attraction tells that it’s all the person’s thought process that hardwires a person’s MINDSET!

A person gets positive or negative outcomes depending upon their thoughts & beliefs.

जिस तरह के विचार हम अस्तित्व को संप्रेषित करते हैं, उसी प्रकार की ऊर्जा अस्तित्व द्वारा हम तक पहुंचती है | याद रहे विचारों का सकारात्मक होना अनिवार्य है |

[“The kind of thoughts that we convey to existence, the same kind of energy reaches us through existence. Your thoughts should be positive and that is necessary.] – Chanakya

If you want to read in-depth about what the LAW OF ATTRACTION is, you can consider reading these books:

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Think and Grow Rich

I’m quoting another important line for you which follows the law of attraction, and summarizes a world-famous book – “Think and Grow Rich”.

“When you keep thinking and have a flaming desire to achieve something in life, your mind automatically puts your thoughts into action and finally you get it. You should have a BURNING DESIRE to achieve it”.

The stronger the hunger and desire, the more it’ll provoke you to take action and work hard for it.

If you want to consider reading this book and enlighten yourself more, below is an affiliate link from Amazon through which you can buy the book directly without any hassles.

This book can be worth a MILLION DOLLARS to you!!

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The Mind is a Powerful Weapon

The mind is such a powerful weapon that can turn your imagination into reality.

What if I told you that you can move from one country to another by sitting inside a metal box thousands of years ago? You would have surely laughed at me. But the invention of aeroplanes and helicopters made it possible.

An imagination was turned into a reality. In fact, every invention was just a dream and an imagination until it turned out to be a reality.

Remember this scene from the “Koi Mil Gaya” movie of Hrithik Roshan? –

[“Computer has not created a human, A human has created a computer. So what work a MIND can do, your computer cannot sir. Never ever consider someone as a small person, because every small person at some point in time becomes bigger”.]


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What is Visualization Technique?

So finally I’m telling you guys about this amazing visualization technique which is a basic NLP technique (neuro-linguistic programming) that will program your mind to turn your dreams into reality!

“Visualization technique is a technique of visualizing and thinking about the things and goals which you want to achieve. Visualizing it, feeling it, believing it, and actually seeing yourself at the place where you want to be in”.

For instance: I want to become a big businessman in the next 5 years and I’ve started visualizing an image of a business tycoon suited up, sitting in a lavish office, and working hard in my mind.

Though this isn’t the reality right now, with this visualization technique, I’m mentally creating all the visuals of a businessman. I’m putting all my thoughts into the subconscious mind which will influence my actions. It’s motivating me to become that person and take action as per that.

Did you know that the conscious mind can program our subconscious mind, and 90-95% of the decisions are made by our subconscious mind? (Ref- The Power of Subconscious Mind Book by Dr Joseph Murphy).

Fitness HN - Conscious and Subconscious Mind

The more detailed things I’m imagining, the more detailed thoughts I’m planting into my mind and creating the desired mindset.

I’m constantly thinking about the RESULTS I wanna get and what I wanna become in life. This is how I’m making the LAW OF ATTRACTION – (yes, which we discussed earlier) work in my favour!


How Arnold Schwarzenegger Used Visualization Technique

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Used Visualization Technique for his Success


“Visualize to Actualize” – this was one of the top secrets of the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A journalist once asked Arnold, “You’ve retired from bodybuilding now, what are you gonna do next”? In a very calm & confident tone, Arnold replied, “I am going to be the #1 Box Office Star in the entire Hollywood”.

The journalist was amazed to hear that and did not at all take him seriously. After all, his attempt at movies with that Austrian accent and huge monstrous build wasn’t promising enough!

People didn’t accept him as an ideal Hollywood star.

So out of curiosity, the journalist doing his job again just asked him how does he plan to become Hollywood’s top star?

Arnold replied, “It’s the same process that I use in Bodybuilding. CREATE a VISION (visualize) of who you want to be, and then just live into that picture as if it’s already true”.

Arnold always had a clear goal and a clear vision of whom he always wanted to become. Even while stepping inside the gym he visualized himself as the best bodybuilder of all time. He used to admire ‘Reg Park’ who depicted the role of ‘Hercules’. The whole journey was visualized.

If you have an image of what you wanna look like, what you wanna be in life, and where you wanna reach; It would be easier for you to get there.

Arnold believed in himself, adhered to this idea of visualization, and worked his butt off chasing his vision, and the rest is history…

Even back during those struggle days, Arnold believed he was the richest, you know why? Because HE HAD A BIG DREAM!


The Bottomline – 5 things You can Learn from the Legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Create a Vision & Visualize – Have a Clear Vision of what you wanna be and where you want to get!
  2. Believe Yourself!
  3. Stay Hungry!
  4. Give your Best Shot and Put in all your hard work – Work your Butt Off!
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail and Give Something Back!

I’ve always looked upon Arnold as an Idol and can never stop myself from sharing this video!

Please Note: I don’t own the Copyrights of the above video. Video Credits: Goalcast.

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Keeping any external rewards aside, being intrinsically motivated and blissful at first is very important in the long run. Being intrinsically motivated will create a stronger mindset, and self-efficacy, and overpower any kind of external rewards.

It’s all in the MIND. Your thoughts have the power to program your mindset the way you want to. Your thoughts set up your beliefs.

As per the law of attraction in this universe, Positive thoughts will attract a positive outcome and negative ones will have a negative impact!

You should have a flaming desire to achieve any goal in life.

Visualization is an amazing technique which influences your subconscious mind with all the visuals/story of whom you want to be. Dream, Visualize, Plan, Act Accordingly, and achieve it.

Fitness HN - Visualization Quote by Robert Collier

Visualize and always have an image/journey envisioned in your head. Do whatever it takes to make that visualization detailed.

Have a clear vision, create a vision board in your room, set specific goals, believe in yourself, and keep visualizing about your dream and start living it as a reality.

Just visualization won’t get you towards your goal, but it would surely create a desirable environment in your mind which would push you to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF!!

Visualization + Clear Vision with Specific Goals + Self-Belief + Persistence with ACTIONS = Victory is yours!!


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