Maitri Halde | Fitness HN - Junk Food Addict to a Fit Chick

Junk Food Addict to a Fit Chick | Maitri Halde – Fitness HN

Maitri Halde, 23, who was a junk food addict turned into a fitness freak. She started her transformation journey back in 2017.

She was around 85kgs earlier, and now 55 kgs, losing 30kgs of weight.

Since then, She’s happily living strong after the transformation and maintaining her weight & fitness lifestyle.

Maitri now works in an Educational Travel Company as a Sales / Operational Manager. Her transformation has surely turned fitness into her passion.

Maitri Halde - Fat to Fit Journey | Fitness HN

How did it start?

Her teenage passed being a pampered child, mostly just like the way we’re till we turn into an adult.

Not worrying much about ourselves and living “worry-free” with no major responsibilities.

As the saying goes, “YOUNG, WILD, and FREE”.

Eating junk food for her was just no more for the taste. It became a daily part of her life which made her feel good giving that “momentary happiness” with that mental boost.

Yes, she had turned into an emotional-eater. Irrespective of the mood, junk food & more junk food was the answer to her.

Cravings, and then binging on all unhealthy foods became the best part of her daily life.

A pleasurable vicious cycle it was.

Then What Went Wrong?

Maitri Halde - Fat to Fit

Over time she started realizing that her eating habits have completely changed.

She had developed a binge disorder, but just ignored it and continued with foodgasms & so-called pleasurable lifestyle.

Things started getting worse and without even realizing she was already an “OBESE COUCH POTATO”.

Obesity worsened up things more over time, and her cardiovascular health markers like triglycerides and cholesterol peaked through the roof.

She was aware of her disastrous condition now, but helpless to change it.

Illnesses trapped her, but things were beyond her control.

Body Shaming & Embarrassment

Maitri Halde - Body Shaming & Embarrassment | Fitness HN

People started criticizing this fluffy obese girl.

Sadly embarrassment was the new part of her life.

“Your SIZE isn’t available madam” – This was the sentence which I heard every time when I walked into a store for shopping.

It became tough for her to find her choice of clothes. Her XXL size became an embarrassment for her and took a big toll on her confidence.

It was high-time, and signs to work upon her self were pretty LOUD and CLEAR!!


Happy Realization (The Wake-Up Call)

Maitri Halde - Wake Up Call

She realized that she’s at a point where she is totally screwed – Mentally, as well as physically!!

Finally, it was a wake-up call that made her willing to “make a change and invest upon herself”.

She joined a gym and started with some foundational exercises.

As time passed, she had already tuned-up her lifestyle and started enjoying it. She was all into the zone.

Changes were pretty prominent, she felt them, and her body fat percentage was also dropping slowly.

Her hard work was paying off and this “euphoric high” made her stick to the plan and be consistent with it.

Later, she started progressive overloading with her workouts and combined it with a proper diet. Check Out: 8 amazing benefits of deadlifts.

This synergistic combination along with patience and determination worked like wonders for her.

She transitioned from a JUNK FOOD addict → to a completely newer person, proudly a FIT CHICK. 

From Double Chin to Sleeky Jawline.

Maitri Halde - Double Chin to Sleeky Jawline | Fitness HN


Her Workout

She kept her workouts pretty simple, focussing on the progressive overload concept.

She maintained a perfect balance between CARDIO and resistance training.

“Cardio alone won’t give you the desired results. You need to have a perfect balance between both along with a healthy diet” – Maitri Halde says.

Workout Plan

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Shoulders & Triceps

Wednesday – Quads

Thursday – Back & Biceps

Friday – Calfs & Hamstrings

Saturday – Cardio or Functional

Sunday – REST

Maitri Halde’s Diet Plan

Being a vegetarian it was very challenging for her to fulfill her daily protein needs.

She turned into a non-vegetarian just to transform herself, and become the better version fighting all her health issues.

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