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Lose Weight Fast While Sleeping – The Ultimate Hacks! Learn How.

As I have mentioned in my previous weight loss related articles, following a calorie deficit diet is the key to fat loss. In the end, it’s all CALORIE play which matters.

Probably during your FAT LOSS journey, Questions like

“How to lose weight fast”?

How to lose weight quickly?

Must have definitely struck your mind!

But is it even possible to lose weight fast while sleeping? YES.

Below I’m gonna mention my ultimate hacks for you guys which will help you to lose weight fast while sleeping. This way your body will continue being a FAT BURNING MACHINE even while you are snoozing off and resting at night.

These hacks can surely add a lot more to your fat burning efforts.


1) Get More and More Sleep:


Get more and more sleep to yield better results

Sleep is the most important stabilizer for your HORMONES. Quite-obviously for burning fat fast while sleeping, you need to make sure you are SLEEPING enough and getting a quality one.

Yes, we all know that healthy sleep is directly linked to healthy well being. But it has a lot to do with your fat loss as well.

Lack of sleep imbalances your hunger hormones i.e Leptin & Ghrelin.

Higher leptin levels keep your hunger levels low while higher ghrelin aggravates your hunger and food cravings.

Not getting adequate sleep also elevates your stress hormone CORTISOL.

You may have yourself noticed some major hunger pangs and food cravings whenever you don’t sleep or are sleep deprived.

Getting proper quality-sleep is the best way to dim those cravings and create a healthy hormonal environment.

It optimizes the positive hormones of the body, out of which testosterone and growth hormone are the 2 important ones for fat loss and muscle growth.

SLEEP is the most natural aid when it comes to recovery (body as well as mind) and stabilizing your hormones.


Some quick tips which can help you to get quality sleep and assist you to lose weight fast while sleeping:

  • Try taking a hot shower before sleeping. This can increase your blood flow and soothe up your mind and body. Hot showers before sleep can immensely relax things up being an amazing contributor for the quick and quality sleep.
  • Make sure you have a clean and tidy atmosphere of the room before you doze off. Try creating a darker environment by turning off the lights while you sleep as sleeping in dark can increase the production of ‘melatonin’ – a hormone which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy.
  • Exercising daily can the biggest contributor to having a sound sleep at night!

Yes, having SEX before snoozing off counts in too 🙂

  • Supplements: You can consider adding Gaba (Tagara), Ashwagandha, ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate), Melatonin before you snooze off.


2) No Sugar Before Bed:


No sugar or desserts before sleeping

You gotta ditch those desserts and ice creams before going to the bed.

Simple carbs right before bed raise your insulin levels (blood glucose) and inhibit your GROWTH HORMONE levels.

Insulin and Growth Hormone go hand in hand,

The growth hormone dips whenever the insulin is spiked up.

Let me not dive in being too much technical and try to convey it in a simple manner for you guys.

Consuming Sugar/Simple Carbs right before you snooze off would skyrocket your blood sugar levels giving you an unsteady one.

Insulin is a.k.a FAT STORING HORMONE.

Higher the insulin levels = More the chances of fat storage.

Means, elevated insulin levels promote fat storage in the long-run, and you have a higher chance of converting the calories into the stored body fat. This can halt your fat loss progress and lead to fat gain over time.

Also “Growth Hormone” is a very important factor for fat loss & to lose weight fast.


3) No Alcohol Before Sleeping:


No alcohol before snoozing off if you want to lose weight fast while sleeping

I believe, irrespective of the time and your goals, alcohol should be avoided as much as possible.

But especially sipping it before you doze off is a BIG NO if you still wanna continue losing fat fast while sleeping, and not hinder your progress.

Usually, people do the opposite.

Why should you avoid it – especially if your goal is to lose weight fast while sleeping?

  • Your body starts metabolizing the alcohol first instead of your stored calories/calories you have digested.
  • Alcohol = Plain Calories which do not provide you any nutritional benefits.
  • Dehydrates you and increases the hunger.
  • Aggravates the chances of fat storage.
  • Sadly it is a ‘depressant’ and alcohol obstructs up the ‘REM’

(REM in layman’s language = Deep state of sleep)

  • Our body burns the most number of calories during the REM phase of our sleep.
  • Hamper all the positive hormones of the body which are crucial for muscle building/fat loss.


4) Protein Before Bed:


Lose Weight Fast While Sleeping - Have Protein Before Bed

As I said in one of my earlier articles, the body burns more calories to process and digest protein which is known as the –Thermic Effect of Food. Protein is the most thermogenic nutrient amongst all.

Yes, indeed your overall count of the protein or any macronutrient matters, but sipping a protein right before bed will give a boost to your metabolism resulting you to burn slightly more calories while sleeping.

This will also make sure that your body is getting a constant supply of amino acids throughout the night, sparing/growing your muscles, and even aiding you in a quicker recovery.

Just like me are you one of those who gets munchies and food cravings in the middle of the night?

Consider snacking on a light protein meal (egg whites) or you can just throw in a scoop of whey protein in milk or slow digesting casein protein.

A study also showed that the people who consumed a protein-packed meal before sleeping burnt more calories while resting and also had a higher number of calories burning (at rest) the next morning compared to the people who ate nothing before sleeping.

On top of that, this will keep your cravings at bay and you will get up the next morning without starving for the food.


5) Weight Training (Hit the Gym):


Lose Weight Fast While Sleeping - Weight Training

By ‘hitting the gym’ I’m particularly emphasizing for weight training over here.

Weight training can keep your metabolism elevated for the next 24-48 hours.

Your main focus should be on doing major body parts like LEGS & BACK and on the COMPOUND MOVEMENTS like Bench Press, Deadlifts, Barbell Rows, Squats, Shoulder Presses etc.

There’s a reason they are considered as the king of exercises. Focusing mainly on the COMPOUND LIFTS is the way to go!

Also, MORE MUSCLES YOU HAVE = HIGHER CALORIES YOUR BODY BURNS (More the calorie expenditure while resting, which is a.k.a BMR of the body)


6) Consume FIBER throughout the Day

(Even Before Going to Sleep):


Lose Weight Fast While Sleeping - Consume Fiber

 Tired listening to the advice of having salads and green veggies for weight loss and healthy well-being? FIBER in it is the reason.

Moreover, they are highly packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Very densely nutritious and nourishing.

Consumption of fibers along with your meals will keep your blood glucose levels steady and provide you sustained energy, avoiding blood glucose (insulin) spikes and crashed energy levels.

Steady-controlled blood sugar levels = Lesser food cravings and hunger pangs.

Unsteady blood glucose levels is the reason why diabetics are constantly hungry or get hungry quickly even after having food.

Consider adding green veggies and high fiber foods throughout the day.

Surprisingly fiber is one of the amazing natural appetite suppressants which can be your best friend while losing weight:)


  • Take 2 spoons of sat-isapghol (psyllium husk) before sleeping. Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day. Drinking isapghol can make you feel thirsty at night if you aren’t properly hydrated.
  • Isapghol before sleeping can keep your blood sugar levels low and stable.
  • Low blood sugar levels = Greater fat loss
  • It can even help to excrete all the clog and food in your stomach as you wake up.


Some more quick hacks for you all to lose weight fast while sleeping:

  • Add some CINNAMON in your protein shake. It will keep your blood sugar levels controlled, metabolism raised, and give a slight boost to your body burning calories even while sleeping.
  • Try supplementing with CHROMIUM.
  • Magnesium rich foods like green veggies & almonds – before sleep. Foods rich in magnesium can make you sleep better.



Yes, creating a calorie deficit is the most basic and important factor when you want to lose weight.

But also body’s hormonal environment and balance is pretty crucial for a better well-being and quicker consistent results.

These hacks can surely add up a lot more difference on top of a healthy calorie deficit diet boosting you to lose weight fast even while sleeping.


What foods/meal do you consume before going to bed? Let me know in the comments below.

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