Secret Recipe to complete your protein intake easily

My Secret Recipe – Complete Your Protein Macros easily this way!

Secret Recipe??

Firstly let me tell you that I ain’t gonna make any big revelation over here. This is just my way which can help you to COMPLETE YOUR PROTEIN MACROS easily. Also, I use this way to kill the monotony or when I’m in a hurry to rush somewhere.

Real food will always be my first preference, secondary the supplementation. But I have seen many of them ignoring the real food and relying upon protein shakes to complete their protein macros. Are you one of them who’s bored of consuming so much of boiled chicken on a daily basis? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Even I was one of them and after a time it became quite monotonous for me eating those chicken steaks daily. I even tried cooking it in a different style to make it little interesting, but it didn’t work well either. Having chicken on a daily basis became a laborious task for me.

Then finally I came up with an idea to get my meal done quickly without disappointing my taste-buds. So without wasting any of your time, let me tell you all about it.


It might sound gross to some of you, but trust me this can be a savior helping you to complete your daily protein intake, without getting tedious and boring.

Well, a lot of fitness enthusiasts must have tried this or must be doing this but can be new for some of them.


1) Just BOIL the required amount of chicken breast

Secret Recipe - Chicken Breast

2) Once the chicken is boiled, throw it down in your mixer/blender and add some WATER.

Protein meals in the mixer








3) Add some CURD, Black pepper, and Cinnamon to mask the smell of the chicken

4) Add a scoop of OATS, some Papaya/Banana or any desired fruit of your choice as per your requirement and calorie intake

Oats Carbs


It tastes pretty fine. Anyhow the taste doesn’t matter to me and I just gulp it down. BOOOOOOM!! I’m good to go.

I personally prefer not making it too much fancy, but you can definitely try experimenting with the other desired ingredients as per your daily calorie intake and requirement. You can also try switching between ‘eating chicken’ and ‘making shakes and drinking it’.

The idea is just to keep it enjoyable and interesting every day for the longrun. LONGEVITY matters as it is a LIFESTYLE.

You shouldn’t be bugged up eating the same type of food. This might be pretty much convenient and the time-saver for you. Mainly being a great help in completing your daily protein intake


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