Lee Priest – “This No.1 Habit Would Make You a Winner”.

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Many beginners lose motivation when they can’t keep up with intense training workouts or progressive overload.

Newcomers often quit the gym because it feels hard, right? But wait!

 Lee Priest, the bodybuilding legend, says the real challenge isn’t the workouts; it’s just getting to the gym!

Lee says that you don’t need to break records or PR every time. Just showing up at the gym makes you a winner.

In his words,

“You still went, you still trained, you still turned up. If you turn up and go to the gym, you do a bit of cardio and train – you’re a winner.”


Lee Priest – “Do What Works For You”.

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Priest admits he often only does light workouts or just cardio when he goes to the gym. 

And that’s ok – doing something easy is better than doing nothing or quitting because your routine feels too challenging.

You don’t have to kill yourself with hardcore training every time.

 Listen to your body and do what feels realistic depending on your energy level. As long as you show up, you’re making progress.

Planning a simple workout? That’s great. The main deal? Beating the hard part – Just getting to the gym!

He said that doing light workouts or cardio won’t make them lose muscle.

 Instead, it would be a more realistic goal than just motivating themselves for intense workouts, getting to the gym for that, and then quitting it later.


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Be Flexible. Allow Yourself A ‘Treat’.

It’s tough sticking to strict diet and exercise rules 365 days a year. Priest says it’s fine to relax your fitness rules a bit on a holiday or a vacation. A little leniency won’t ruin your fitness or bodybuilding goals.

His advice? Enjoy the holidays without stressing about the gym.

The key here is balance and self-compassion.

Don’t be so hard on yourself that fitness stops being rewarding and sustainable. Showing up 80% of the time is better than burning out from unrealistic expectations.


Bottom Line

“Just go to the gym to get your blood moving”

Gymgoers should focus less on doing hardcore workouts and more on “building an exercise habit”. As per him, the hardest part is just stepping into the gym.

Just turning up at the gym means you’ve achieved something greater than those who don’t even show up.

Master consistency first before intensifying your training.

Be Realistic. Learn to balance things so fitness feels enjoyable and not a task in the long run. 

Keep it simple, have fun, and let the gains follow naturally!

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